Why Car Market Crash Is Happening In 2024?

Car market crash 2024

According to the internet, the carĀ market crash 2024 Is Happening. You have used car prices plummeting, and then you have new car prices about to crumble. But if you walk into a car dealership today, what you’ll see is that car prices are still pretty expensive. This creates a lot of confusion for people like … Read more

Salesforce Is The Latest Tech Company To Announce Layoffs

Salesforce, the tech giant, is set to announce layoffs, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The cuts will impact approximately 700 employees, coming about a year after the company reduced its workforce by about 10% to cut costs. Salesforce now joins a growing list of companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet, forced to make … Read more

LVMH Stocks Rises O Revenue Growth, Luxury Retail Resiliency

LVMH’sĀ Stocks surged higher this morning as fourth-quarter organic revenue rose by 10% compared to a year ago. Owner Lou Vuon also raised the annual dividend. Despite initial hesitancy about potential holiday season trends affecting high-end spending, the results reassure any fears. Including Morningstar, caution that challenges persist, but overall, it’s a robust report for the … Read more

Coinbase Upgraded To Outperform By Oppenheimer | Bitcoin Tops At $41K

Coinbase shares receive a boost as Oppenheimer upgrades the stock to outperform from perform, setting a price target at $160 per share. The $160 target influences the broader crypto market, impacting names like Marathon. Despite concerns about the $40,000 level, Bitcoin not only regained it but surpassed, currently up by about 3%. The markets reflect … Read more

Oil Prices Rise On US GDP…

  Oil prices are rising following the release of better-than-expected GDP growth for the fourth quarter of last year. This increase comes after crude oil prices surged amid severe winter storms that halted domestic production. Oil prices were up more than 2%, reaching as much as 3% for WTI, breaking above the resistance of $75 … Read more