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I’m The Economian, the friendly face running the show here at The Economian. It’s just me, I post news, blogs, guides about finance, business, and economics a bit less complicated and a lot more approachable.

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I discuss about what’s going on in the finance markets, without the confusing – just the good stuff you need.

Business Chat

I discuss about business strategies like grabbing coffee with a friend who spills the tea on what works and what doesn’t.

Economics Unplugged

No need for a fancy degree to understand economics. I discuss how economics impacts our everyday lives in a way that actually makes sense.

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If you have any question, an awesome idea, or just want to say hi? Send Me E-mail At [economian.com@gmail.com](mailto:economian.com@gmail.com).I am excited to hear from you & I will reply soon as possible.

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